Saturday, October 20, 2012

Use Latest Anti-virus and Save your Computer


Computer virus is a common ward. Virus can attack your computer easily. Attack of Virus increasing day by day. Virus can damage your computer, your document and your most important file. It also damaged your windows and valuable software. So you should be careful about Virus.

You can use Anti-virus to protect your computer from Virus. Anti-virus can demolish all kinds of virus. It can increase your computer speed. Anti-virus can protect your computer from hacker’s. So use Latest Anti-virus and protect your computer from Virus@ Hacker’s.

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Protect your Computer from Virus

 Protect your computer from virus 

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Now a day’s computer virus is most common matter. Virus damages your computer software and windows. If you’re not aware about computer virus, virus can damage your computer system. So be careful about virus.

What is computer virus : All computer virus are manmade. A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate themselves.

Some virus which can damage your computer

1. Trojan horse

2. Worms

3. Bootsector virus

4. Macro virus

5. Memory resident virus

6. Bootkit virus

7. Polymorphic virus

8. Logic bombs

This kinds of virus can easily damage your computer. So be careful about this virus.


Some Tips to protect Yourself Against Computer Viruses

 1. Learn about virus

2. Use latest anti-virus software

3. Use firewall

4. Use email security

5. Put your browser security on

6. Regular updates

7. Windows update

8. Always backup your file

9. Careful about password

10. Avoid pirated mediums and downloads

Be careful about virus. You should take protection as soon as possible

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How I can protect my computer from hackers

Now a day’s computer hacking is most common word among the teenagers and young adults. It is increasing day by day. Hacking is a malicious act. Hacker always tries to damage your computer. So everyone should be aware about hackers
What is Computer Hacking?

The hacker actually intelligent and cleaver programmer.  They are able to malicious modifying computer hardware or software system and run computer outside of main purpose. Computer hacking is normally the malicious use of a computer by an educated user.   

Who is hacker? 

Hackers are expert particular programming language or system. The people who engaged with computer hacking activities are called hackers.

Object of Hackers

The hackers are always try to stolen your most important data, your credit card information, your pass word and others information.

How hacker enter your computer

Hackers are always aware about security holes. These holes frequently exist in the programs and plugins that we install.

How you can protect hacking 

The number of hackers increasing day by day. This is why the problem of hacking increasing. But there are some basic methods to solve this problem. Now I want to give some information to solve this problem.

You can use Anti Spyware Software

Spywares actually a hacker's tool. This tool collects personal information from your computer. For this reason you can use spysweeper . This is a great anti spyware software.

By using antivirus 

If you want to protect your computer from hackers you must use Antivirus software. It can protect your computer but you should select the best antivirus. You should scan your system for viruses at least once a week. You can use Avast, Norton antivirus. 

By using firewall

You can use fire wall. Firewall protects your computer from hacker. It keeps your data and others information from hacker.

By using Update software

You should use up date software, because Hackers are always aware about the security holes in your system. So please keep your software to update automatically. 

Email Security

Always aware about unknown email,because email is one kinds of hackers tool.  Hackers can send malicious software by email. You should filter your email. You can use Avira for filter your email.

Windows update

Always try to use update windows. It can help you to protect hacking

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